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Blog with Farmer Doug

March 23 2014
It's the first sign of spring!

Soon, all that work will pay off, and we'll be looking at this, instead:
Famer Doug Maple Syrup.jpg


February 2014.............the winter that never ends.  However, we are moving forward and getting ready for spring.  Seeds come in the mail every day.  The grow lights will be on in the basement in just a few weeks, and the seeds will be sprouting.  Spring does come every year, so we just have to be patient.  

Farmer Doug was elected chair of the Duluth Farmer's Market board last month.  This will be a busy year for him, just with that.  But he always says that busy people get more done.  

He had applied for a FedEx small business grant this year.  It's all about networking, so if you are on facebook, please like his page and vote for this project.  The link is on the facebook page Please vote daily until February 23rd.  Thanks in advance for that.

Farmer Doug is also doing the plants for growing for a cause.  For an application, please click on the link below and complete the application.  Save it on your desktop, complete it, and email it to

Below you will find a tentative calendar for our products.  

Apples Sept 1 - Beans Aug 10 - Beets July 15 - Broccoli July10 - Cabbage Aug 1 - Carrots Aug 1 Cauliflower Aug 10- Cherry Tomatoes July 25 - Cucumbers, slicing, July 20 - Gladiolus Aug 10 - Lettuce July 1 - Peppers July 20 - Pumpkins Sept 20 - Raspberries Aug 1 - Squash, winter Sept 1 - Sunflowers July 20 - Sweet corn Aug 20 - Strawberries July  -Tomatoes Aug 10 - Zucchini July 15

Farmer Doug can be found at local Farmer's Markets 4 days a week. 

Tuesdays - Downtown Farmer's Market - Lake Ave. & Superior St.  - 11am to 1pm

Wednesdays - Duluth Farmer's Market - 14th Ave. E. & 3rd St. - 2pm to 6pm

Thursdays - St. Mary's Farmer's Market - 5th Ave. E. & 3rd St. - 11am to 1pm

Saturdays - Duluth Farmer's Market - 14th Ave. E. & 3rd St. - 7am to noon




Thanks form checking out out website.  We are excited to let you know about Farmer Doug's newest project.  It called "Growing for a Cause".  We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time and sweat to provide fresh veggies for Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.  The seed money was provided by the Northland Foundation.  The seeds have been purchased, and the broccoli  and cabbage seeds have been started.  You will be provided with one or more of five different veggies, and you will be responsible to grow the plants.  If you need help with the harvest, volunteers will be provided.  You will receive training from Farmer Doug and Bon Olen on April 29th.  Please help us make this a success.  Email us today.  We need our help.  Please let your friends know about this great project.  

 Farmer Doug and Lois Hoffbauer are owners of a fruit, vegetable and Christmas tree farm just outside of Duluth, MN.  The name Farmer Doug came from our neighbor's grandchildren who love to visit "Farmer Doug".  There is so much to see and do at Farmer Doug's. Bosten and Brycen can always find a mud puddle to play in.

Farmer Doug and Lois are dedicated to bring customers the highest quality & best tasting fresh fruits and vegetables possible.  Living in Midway Township, and selling products at the Duluth Farmer's Market, and Proctor Farmer's Market helps to make Farmer Doug who he is.  They will be at even more farmer's markets this year than ever before.  Stay tuned for the dates and Locations.

Duluth Farmer's Market opens on Saturaday, May 1.  The greenhouses are filling up and  you can find Farmer Doug at the Duluth Market every Wednesday and Saturday from 7am to noon. 

Farmer Doug lives this life because he's good at it, but his passion is growing Christmas trees.  Graduating from U of M in Forestry 30 something years ago, he has used his education to produce the best local Christmas trees in the Duluth area.  You can find Farmer Doug selling his trees at the Duluth Farmer's Market daily from the day after Thanksgiving until December 23rd.  You can also send a fragrant gift from the northland by going to our other website


  1. Locally grown food is fresher and tastes better.
  2. Family farms help to protect the environment.
  3. Buying locally conserves precious resources by not having to travel more than 50 miles. 
  4. Thriving family farms build rural economies.
  5. By buying locally, you can learn how your food was grown.  You can talk to the grower. 
  6. Local family farms help children learn heathy values.
  7. Locally grown food protects genetic diversity.
  8. Many local family farms grow diverse products.
  9. Local family farms pay local taxes and by their supplies locally.
  10. Local family farms mean food security.